Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google launches Android SDK 1.0, release 1

As reported by our brethren over at Engadget, Google and T-Mobile officially announced the T-Mobile G1, the first mobile device that will run on Google's Android platform. That's awesome and everything, but this is a software blog, so you won't get to read our thoughts or dissections here (although on Twitter, all bets are off). Fortunately, the good people at Google managed to also officially release the Android SDK 1.0.

Until very recently, there really wasn't a lot of Android news to report. We (well, I) were even accused of having an anti-Android bias. That was totally untrue, there just wasn't anything to tell. Then, last month, Google really started ramping up Android development, releasing updates to the SDK, announcing winners of the app contest, releasing some detaails of the Android marketplace, you get the picture.

Today's 1.0 SDK release coincides not only with the G1 announcement, but also with news that Amazon's MP3 store will be available for the platform.

If you're frustrated by Apple's decidedly developer unfriendly approach, you might want to check out the the 1.0 SDK and see if the grass is greener on the other side.

[via Arstechnica]

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